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Can I use iTwo with a measuring mic and AudioTools on my iPad Pro?

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asked Jul 5, 2018 in AudioBox i-Series by tobiasbarz (120 points)
Hey... I want to use the AudioBox iTwo with a measure microphone and my iPad Pro and as small mixer replacement.

Is it possible to playback some sound from my iPad while listening to it with the mic. If the Mix knob is turned completely to right (playback), the Mic input is silent on the headphone output, but is it routed into the iPad though? Does the iPad use the AudioBox as its default audio device so i can use some different software / apps like AudioTools from Andrew Smith?

Furthermore can I speak into two microphones on the AudioBox iTwo and play some music from the iPad in the same time (karaoke), when using it as a small mixer replacement?

Thanks for your reply, Tobey

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