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Can not find 'Program' check box in Inspector

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asked Jul 10, 2018 in Studio One 3 by chengappachemira (230 points)

My OS is Windows 7.

I have started using Studio One PRIME. I have connected my Yamaha PSR 550B keyboard to the USB port (I named the device "PSR 550B").

I created a new keyboard as the input source. I am able to play some noted on the keyboard and get Studio One to record it in a track. 

For playback, I created a new instrument and mapped the same PSR 550B and I am able to play what I recorded. (I named the device "PSR 550b Play")
Now I want to change the patch for the track. I opened the 'Inspector' window. I am supposed to get the 'Program' checkbox where I can select the bank and the program number but I don't have it. 

I have attached the screenshot.

Can you please help me ?

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answered Jul 10, 2018 by chengappachemira (230 points)
selected Jul 10, 2018 by PreSonuSupt4
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Solved.  Screen resolution was too low.

I changed resolution to 1280 * 1024, the issue is resolved !