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Adding Digimax D8 to Studio 1824

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asked Jul 12, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by dannyfurdon (230 points)
I'm pretty sure the answer is yes, but can I add the Digimax D8 to my 1824 ? Also i have an 11 Rack setup via SPDIF to the 1824 and have that clocking to the 1824. What cables would i need for hooking up the D8 and 1824 and do i need the cable to connect for clocking and have the DB clock off the 1824 ?


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answered Feb 13, 2019 by mikeoberhoffner (190 points)
edited Feb 13, 2019 by mikeoberhoffner
Hi ..

apparently the answer is yes - connecting should work.

I use a TOSLINK cable to connect my Digimax D8 to my Studio 18/24 via ADAT.
(I made also my Studio 18/24 the primary for the clock using BNC cable, thus it is set to external on the Digimax D8)
That is the setup and how it is supposed to work.

However, I get no signal routed from the Digimax to Studio One via Studio 18/24. I must make a mistake therefore.
I would appreciate if one from the Forum/Support could also look into your question.