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Studio 68: Extended frequency range at 96 and 192 KHz sampling frequency

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asked Jul 14, 2018 in Studio Series USB Interfaces by michaellenz2 (220 points)

Compared to other interfaces i owned, the studio's 68 frequency response seems extremly limited at higher frequencies (see loop-measurement attached, the green line is a loop measurement out1 to in 1 @ 192 KHz. Instrument, line, symetrical or asymetrical makes no difference)

As even cheap consumer soundcards and on-mainboard chips (Realtec HD Audio) are able to show a pretty linear response up to samplingrate/2, this should be not a big deal. A cut at above 30 KHz at 192 KHz sampling frequency is inacceptable and still worse then at 96 KHz. The customer support thinks it's not a defect of the hardware and proposes opening a feature request here.

Maybe it's not important für recording and pure audio purpose, but sometimes, interfaces get used for measurements of components (loudspeakers, Pickups....) where this point becomes important.

Thanks, Michael

orange: @ 48 KHz: OK

blue: @ 96 KHz: Drops far to early

green: @ 192 KHz: a joke?

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