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Skip the redundant decimals in the UC Surface/CS18AI settings and round values were possible

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asked Dec 9, 2015 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by basmeijer (6,240 points)
edited Dec 9, 2015 by basmeijer
When possible, round values as much as possible. I mean, nobody is even able to hear a 0.1 dB of a difference let alone 0.01 dB !! E.g. the current gain setting is in XX.XX dB.

It would be much better to set the preamp gain in just whole dB digits, perhaps with a 0.5 dB accuracy. This way setting 2 channels at the same value would also be much more simple and visibility would improve as well.

Edit: I slightly adapted the title here, to be more specific about the scope of the topic. I noticed that this is also the case in some CS18AI settings, where operation and overview is also suffering from these unnecessary decimals. E.g. the EQ gain settings. Besides, this way there is an impression for users that these 1/100 dB differences matter when setting values, when in fact there is no practical use.

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answered Dec 9, 2015 by stingray1122 (7,680 points)

Thank you for your request. We'll be using the voting system on these requests to help us prioritize new feature for upcoming releases.

Ray Tantzen, Senior Product Manager - PreSonus

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answered Dec 9, 2015 by basmeijer (6,240 points)
I also involved the CS18AI, because visual aspects apply here too! When you e.g. set a preamp gain value between 0-10 dB, you still see [X.XX dB] in the touchscreen display, but when this value is over 10 dB, what you see is [XX.XX...] because [dB] does not fit on the screen space any more.

In short, the 1/100 dB values are irrelevant, unwanted clutter and setting an accuracy like that is not part of any audio usage that I know of. Please round the 1/100 decimals and make it easier to set values. Currently I can hardly set e.g. EQ gain values back to 0.0 dB on the CS.