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can a StudioLIve RM be controlled by a CS18AI and UC Surface concurrently but seperately

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asked Nov 12, 2015 in Ai Mixers by (180 points)
I want to run a RM Mixer with a CS18AI for the main Live Mix, but simultaneously I want another operator to use the UC Control Surface on a PC/MAC in another room to manage a recording mix out a pair of sub outputs. Can this be done  - ie do the control services interfere (I the live mixer has control over the channel inputs, but the recording mixer (UC Surface) only manages the levels to the aux sub mixes?

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answered Nov 12, 2015 by abrand2 (32,040 points)

There are two methods that a StudioLive CS18AI can be connected.  You are either connecting it directly between a RM mixer and itself (via ethernet with AVB Switches or just directly connecting the two) or you are connecting the devices through routers to control the RM mixer functions.  We explain these methods on the below PDF document from the Downloads page of the CS18AI product overview:

StudioLive CS18AI Downloads

StudioLive CS18AI + StudioLive RM Mixer Recommended Network Connection Configurations


It's important to note that regardless if you are passing audio through AVB hardware or using just a routed network, you are always controlling audio on the RM mixer.  The only difference is being able to use the local I/O on the CS18AI for passing audio back and forth if you do not have AVB switches available.