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Save mute group names

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asked Jul 23, 2018 in StudioLive Series Feature Requests by joncooper (260 points)

I LOVE the ability to give the mute groups names in the 2.8 UC Surface update!  I was VERY disappointed to find that when I restart the software, the mute group names are lost, and they appear as blank.  At first, I thought all the mute settings were gone.  As it turns out, the settings are still there, but the individual names are erased each time.

When I asked support about this issue, I was told:

The naming of the mute groups is only held locally on the device running Universal Control/UC-Surface and not on the mixer itself. The mute group actions are store on the mixer, just not the names. So as such once you quit UC the information will be lost and will be required to be setup each time. This is by design. 

We use this setup in a church environment, and use the same mute groups each service. Before, when they were listed as Mute 1, Mute 2, etc. We could train which mute group was for which setup. Now that the names are blank, it is much harder to do. 
I would recommend you add the feature to store the mute names on the mixer in future updates, or at least restore the generic names. Having to relabel the mute groups each time we restart the system is a real pain!

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answered Aug 22, 2018 by anthonymann1 (220 points)
By design? What use case is being served by blank names? This is obviously a bug and needs to be fixed. I am a software developer myself, and the idea of a PreSonus rep defending this as a design decision makes me embarrassed for my craft.