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Replacing Part of One Drum Take with Another

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asked Aug 1, 2018 in Studio One 3 by garyolson (170 points)

I'm a drummer and new Studio One Artist user. I work alone and can't simply punch in and out to fix a mistake at, say, the last 30 seconds of a very hard track. I'm forced to re-record the whole song over and over and over until perfect all the way through. I ran into this exact scenario in a current tricky project, and decided to create new tracks and record another take - just for that last 30 seconds. I performed & recorded the last half of the song to be sure and nailed it. Problem is I don't know how to select the 30 second section from the 2nd take and drop it onto the 1st. I record Kick, snare top, snare bottom, 3 toms, 2 overheads, and hat. Nine tracks which all must be moved.

How is this done?

Much obliged.

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answered Aug 4, 2018 by Bbd (6,630 points)
selected Aug 10, 2018 by benpierce
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A couple of comments.

Someday, you should learn how to use record takes to layers so that you can later using comping to make your final drum track. Then you don't have to mess with a whole set of new tracks. It works great.

See this:

In your scenario, you have multiple tracks for the first pass of drums.

Then you created all the tracks again to make a second pass of drums.

Do move a portion of the second set of tracks into the first tracks, you first duplicate completely all the drums tracks you are going to edit and then mute and hide those backup tracks in case you need to get back to them.

Then, in the first set of tracks, highlight all the tracks based on the range you want to replace them and delete.

Now highlight and copy the second set of tracks from that point on and paste them exactly where they need to start.

There are other tips to learn such as grouping each set of tracks to help you edit later. But for now, I strongly recommend you learn how to use track comping.