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Sustain Pedal Problems in Studio One

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asked Aug 13, 2018 in Studio One 4 by daveplumb (1,400 points)
Hi, I have a constant problem in studio one with Spectrasonics Keyscape - Sustain pedal information is not recorded correctly but plays fine - it adds another extra sustain pedal point rendering the piano parts useless - I have never been able to resolve this on studio one 3 or 4 - only with 3rd party plugins (Spectrasonics I use most but also with Kontakt)

If I start with a fresh session and use nothing else its fine - however as the session builds it starts to occur... for example towards the end of a songs completion if I suddenly decide to change a piano part or add one it won't let me record the data properly and I have to go in and manually try and remove the extra sustain pedal information. this is arduous and ridiculous!!

Today I made a discovery!!! - If I disable the track monitor button so I cant hear the instrument but I can see it recording the problem goes away - obviously this is not a fix as you need to hear yourself play but is there anyone who can figure out what is happening here!??

if I arm the track monitor switch - it happens - if I disarm - it doesn't. every single time this is replicated consistently..


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answered Nov 11, 2018 by yardenpeleg (1,250 points)
EXACT Same issue here.
Had it for over a year now.
Contacted presonus about that twice with no help

Its killing me
BTW here is another revelation
It only occurs on VST2, not VST3
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answered Jan 20, 2019 by damienriehl (450 points)
Studio One is doing the same thing for me: When "Monitor" is enabled, the Automation of the Sustain is recorded incorrectly (turns "off" prematurely). But when Monitor is disabled (so you cannot hear the instrument being played), Studio One's Automation of the Sustain records perfectly.

This is a serious bug.  Please fix it.