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Writing automation with Faderport Classic - how to write more than one parameter?

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asked Aug 20, 2018 in FaderPort Series Feature Requests by alistairkerr (130 points)
I can successfully write automation with the Faderport Classic. I bought it second hand for this purpose. For example, I assign mod control then I can write that into the track. Great! Then I move to writing expression, or any other parameter (and obviously I set the mod I've written to 'read') and I assign that so the Faderport is controlling the expression. All good - the Fader moves up and down, and I have control. However when I then try to write this, it does so but also overwrites the mod automation that I've just written! In essence the Faderport is now controlling both, I cannot separate them.

So, is there any way to be able to move through parameters and write various types of automation with the Faderport, or is this just because it can only be assigned to one parameter in Presence XT? Very frustrating. Thank you!

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