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How do I use FaderPort for automation in Logic of effects other than volume and pan?

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asked Apr 10 in FaderPort 2018 by carolinewright (200 points)
I've successfully installed Faderport with Logic Pro X and have managed to record (in touch mode) volume and pan settings for a few tracks no problem. But I would also like to control automation of other effects (like EQ etc) with the Faderport - is that possible and if so how? Thanks!

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answered Apr 10 by carolinewright (200 points)
selected Jun 12 by nickmaggio
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Worked it out (I think!) using external assignment within Logic, though I have to return to defaults to undo my assignment - seemed to introduce some buggy behaviour too (like the play/pause button not working). Still like to know if there's an easier way from the Faderport though.
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answered Apr 27 by simoneroman (170 points)
Same problem here! And automation of the effects with the faderport v2 is the reason why I bought it...

Basically when I start the LEARN process the unit starts a buggy behavior.

Any advice on how to solve the problem?