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Is there a reason a Firestudio Mobile wouldn't be a straight switchout for a Firestudio Project?

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asked Aug 23, 2018 in FireStudio Series by bigbajo60 (120 points)
I had a Firestudio Project hooked up to my Windows 7 64 bit computer for several years and it worked great... until it up and died on me. A friend did a bit of research and, with the best intentions, gifted me a Firestudio Mobile as a replacement, thinking that it would just be a simple thing to just use the same Firewire connectivity that the Project had used. But after several days of troubleshooting to the best of our limited abilities, we just cannot get the computer to sync with the Mobile. Plugging the unit in via the Firewire cable will not cause it to open the expected device window on the computer. We also seem to have problems installing the latest version of UC that is recommended for the Mobile; it will not open any useful windows, only identifying as "Driver version 5884". The unit DOES pass analog audio to our monitoring system via the line in jacks on the rear panel (from our computer's analog audio out jack), but without the digital Firewire connection, we are unable to record/produce any audio.
Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

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