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Replace Audio File In Project

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asked Aug 29, 2018 in Studio One 4 by justinperkins (350 points)


After looking closely it doesn't seem that it's possibly to easily replace an audio file in a project with a new file. I know about the "Update Mastering Files" option for when you are also using Song Mode but I am not using Song Mode.

Let's say you are just using Project Mode and a client sends you a new mix of a song you've already mastered. I expected to be able to right click on a file in the project and choose "Replace" and point to the new file but I can't find any such feature.

Is this a missing feature or am I missing something?

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answered Aug 30, 2018 by elliottsebag (7,620 points)
Hey indeed it could be nice but for the moment on my side if such thing happens i just add the new one following the old one.
Save mastering FX Chain and apply it on the new one.

A few steps more from just replacing the audio file but having both to A/B can be wanted sometimes.

Hope this may help,

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answered Aug 30, 2018 by justinperkins (350 points)

Wow, thanks for the info. I'm really surprised there isn't a basic "replace source file" feature. I can't tell you how many times for whatever reason I need to precisely replace a source file in an existing session and doing it manually the way you describe could induce other changes/errors in some situations when you have a really delicate master assembly going on.

I guess the project mode is catered more towards mix engineers who occasionally master and isn't quite there yet for busy dedicated mastering engineers in some of these regards. I'm not saying it can't be used but this is certainly a pretty big deal-breaker.

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answered Nov 26, 2019 by bradleyprakope (570 points)
Agreed! This is 100% necessary for anyone using a Project that is not linked to a Song. Not only for mastering chain settings, but almost more importantly for metadata. I'm faced with having to re-enter all the song data across multiple tracks that need replaced. Most other EDL or DDP type programs have this feature. Must have!
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answered Nov 26, 2019 by justinperkins (350 points)
Yeah. After having to use S1 to teach a semester of a mastering class, I realized there are way too many limitations and points of friction to use this for daily mastering.

I convinced the school to get WaveLab Pro for all the stations, and I continue to use WaveLab Pro for my mastering projects and all is well.

I thought for a moment S1 could be a serious option for me but I think it's quite a ways off. I think the mastering mode is more like a bonus feature for those who need some mastering features every now and then, but I could not work with it daily in its current state.

That being said, it's better than what Pro Tools and Logic currently offer for mastering features...and I'm not talking plugins, I'm talking workflow and features.
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answered Oct 25, 2020 by fredriklidin (1,200 points)

I think you can just drag the new file on top of the old one to replace it. This is done in the track list to the left in the project page. It works for me in v5.
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answered Oct 28, 2020 by DanRome (140 points)

I think you can just drag the new file on top of the old one to replace it. This is done in the track list to the left in the project page. It works for me in v5.

This worked for me in Studio 4.5.1! It actually works super well. I was able to swap out the files without needing rename all the tracks.