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Why is the audio I have recorded on Pro Tools 10HD not coming back through my Studiolive 16.0.2

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asked Dec 15, 2015 in Classic Mixers by scottmcgachan (120 points)
I am successfully managing to record onto Pro Tools but the audio does not appear to be coming back through the desk (no sound heard and no signal appearing on the meters)


My I/O on Pro Tools all seem to be in order. My Firewire button is engaged.

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answered Dec 15, 2015 by johnmclaughlin2 (210 points)
when in the I/O settings, try pressing default on both inputs and outputs.

is the output selected for each channel i.e 1 to output 1.

iirc sending out on a bus within protools doesnot work, you have to select output -> output one on each channel

hope this helps :)