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StudioLive 16.0.2 -- How to route FireWire audio coming from Mac (iTunes) back to Mac (Logic)

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asked Mar 1, 2016 in Ai Mixers by ficbfbax (130 points)
I have my 16.0.2 successfully communicating with my Mac.

On my Mac, I am playing audio through iTunes, which I can hear on the 16.0.2 using headphones with the FireWire return engaged on main.

I also have my drums mixed on 16.0.2 and can hear them on the headphones simultaneously with iTunes audio.

With Logic Pro X on the Mac, I can track all channels but only related to the drums.

I cannot get the iTunes audio to be re-routed back into a specific track in Logic.

Is there a way of doing this?

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answered Jul 26, 2016 by fransblling (170 points)
I am looking for answers to the a similar problem...
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answered Aug 7, 2016 by ajflinne (200 points)
2 things to try:

1) You might try selecting your Mac's output to "line output" in your Mac's system preferences. iTunes should then play through that. Run a cable from the Mac's line output to the line input of an open channel, and that may solve your problem.

2) You could use the 16.0.2's flexible inputs router. Click the Setup tab in Virtual StudioLive, then set the Flexible Inputs Router to "Analog Inputs 15/16." Be sure to engage the firewire return on 15/16 on your board. Now all audio from the computer will be sent to that channel instead of the Main fader. Now, assign it to as Aux, and patch a cable from that aux to an open channel to get it back into your software.

I think I'd go with option 1, but I think either way should work. I think there's a way to route signal via firewire from the computer to the board and back again on the larger StudioLive consoles, but not on the 16.0.2. Hope that helps!