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Replace Pre-loaded Fat Channel Presets

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asked Sep 14 in StudioLive Series III by pauldiem (1,340 points)
Is it possible to replace pre-loaded Fat Channel presets that will survive a power cycle? I can delete, rename and save over the Kick 1 preset but after a power cycle, the Kick 1 preset is back to the factory default name and settings. Even if I save a scene with the Kick 1 preset renamed, power cycle and reload the scene, the Kick 1 preset is back to the factory defaults. We only use a few presets. I'd like to replace the top few presets because scrolling down to the non-predefined ones is a hassle.

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answered Sep 18 by jonnydoyle (64,890 points)
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Its currently not possible to overwrite presets on the mixer.
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answered Sep 18 by pauldiem (1,340 points)
Anyone have any ideas on how to quickly recall one of two Fat Channel presets for the selected channel? It'd sure be nice if macros (sequence of several operations) could be recorded and assigned to a user button.