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How to replace loaded instrument preset with another one using ATOM SQ.

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asked Apr 13, 2022 in Atom Pad Controllers by tomaszkuczyski (230 points)
I can't replace instrument preset without creating new track. In "ATOM_SQ_Owners_Manual_V3_EN_120120221.pdf" in section " Browse" you can read:

"4. Load Selected.
Loads the currently selected Instrument or Instrument
Preset onto a new track. Press Shift + Load Selected to replace a track’s
current Instrument with the newly selected Instrument from the Browser."

Loading and creating new track works fine. However when I tray to use "Press Shift + Load Selected" to replace instrument screen on ATOM SQ shows Redo|Retro|Paste|Deleta options and described feature doesn't exist. I hava 1.16 firmware installed.

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answered Apr 13, 2022 by tomaszkuczyski (230 points)
Ok, sorry it works. Closing of right tab with broweser was confusing, I expectet that it will stay open after loading new instrument.