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Fade out! Level Curve goes at-50dB to fast down - the tone is at -60dB off

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asked Sep 29, 2018 in Mixing by gernothuber (520 points)

It is not possible to make a good and nice Fade out, because when you make a Fade out at the song end, the level goes from 0dB to -50dB normal, but after -50dB, the paramater (level) goes very, very fast to minus infinitely dB. This makes the Fade out and the sound realy unnatural. Is there a Button to chache this, or is it a Bug?

Sudio One 4.1 Pro

Win10, 24GB Ram, I7 6700 CPU

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answered Sep 29, 2018 by BobF (2,080 points)

You can click-drag the handle in the center of the fade to change the shape

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answered Oct 3, 2018 by gernothuber (520 points)
Hello, this is not what I mean. It doesn't matter how you do the curve, at the point where the level has reach -50db, the level goes extreme fast and unnaturally to the end  - make a fade out over 1 minute and see the level parameter, and listen, than you can see and hear the problem.
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answered Oct 11, 2019 by mcarss (330 points)

This is the bug in question.
When using the volume envelope, it's smooth until it hits around -50db. It'll jump down to -100db very quickly and then slow down again. Watch the fader to see it jump.

I'm currently using 3.5.1, but according to the OP the issue still exists in 4.1. Can anyone check to see if it's still a problem in 4.5?

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answered May 1, 2020 by jontornblom (430 points)
edited May 4, 2020 by jontornblom

You are right, it sucks. And changing the curve doesn't help, it usually makes it worse, not better since the start of the fade gets way too aggressive. I'm a mastering engineer so I'm fading out tracks like dozens of times every week. Studio One's Volume envelope just sucks for fading out program material. Period. The fades on the Events are totally ok though, but that's not always the most pragmatic solution.

The good news is that Chris at Airwindows has a free plugin called PurestFade with a Fade control that will bring a smile to your face after struggling with this. I tried a whole bunch of other plugins and they didn't work, but PurestFade is the ticket. yes I specifically asked him to make this plugin based on this happening...and he DID! The guy is a LEGEND. be sure to check out his stuff, it's almost all fantastic for some application or another.