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Export Music Score as a mp4 file.

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asked Nov 16, 2018 in Notion by thomasemurphy (120 points)
Other notation software, such as Avid Sibelius, offer the option to export the Music Score (notation) as an mp4 file. When this file is run, a vertical colored bar follows the notes on the score and each note is synchronized to a midi sound track of the score. Avid Sibelius has the worst reviews on earth and, compared to Notion 6, is not worth owning.

Music teachers and students of any instrument would benefit from an mp4 such as this, not to mention a songwriter or publisher who is pitching a song to an artist. I think many users of Notion 6 would love to have this feature added to the notation system.

Best regards,

Thomas E. Murphy

MyMusic Publisher, LLC

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answered Jan 17 by ChrisS23 (13,750 points)
Thanks for this, this would make a great feature request - please consider posting it here for others to vote on.