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Why does my MP4 video export from Studio One 6 look so bad?

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asked Feb 23 in Studio One 6 by denniswminium (150 points)
I was attempting to add a score to an 8-minute video.  Using drag and drop, I pulled the subject video into the arrange window.  Everything looked great as I built the soundtrack, but when I exported the MP4 using Song/Export Video, the video looked awful: low resolution, pixilation, etc.  The sound seemed okay, though.  I'm a complete neophyte at this, but I suspect a frame rate problem.  The original video has a frame rate of 29.97/second but the one produced by the Export Video command is at 17.58 fps.  When I go to Song/Setup, the frame rate is set to 29.97.  So...I suspect I'm doing something wrong, especially since my research didn't seem to turn up anything helpful.  Any thoughts or direction would be greatly appreciated.

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