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Axe Fx 3 general set up questions Studio 1 4 Pro

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asked Dec 2, 2018 in Studio One 4 by castafew (120 points)
Just got an Axe FX 3.I am sure these are easy fixes but not sure how to overcome. First issue is that In Studio One the sample rate is set as 44.1 and the Axe is 48.0. I tried to overcome this in S1 but only give me the 44.1 option unless I am missing it. Also seem to be having a problem with midi ports too but won't be using them at least on the Axe FX.

Double checked drivers, everything is updated and installed properly. Error on start up - Failed to open Line (Axe Fx III)! Audio Recording Disabled. When in the menu of devices in windows everything looks to be correct. When it comes to the initial page with set up it also shows Windows Audio (not Axe FX 3) but I am pretty sure it is the Axe that is listed. Not sure where to go from here. Again probably something I am overlooking. Thanks in advance.

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