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Set up Faderport 8 in Logic X 10.1 / "Mackie MCU pro" isn't listed in control surfaces.

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asked Nov 5, 2017 in FaderPort 8 by kevinrontel (150 points)
The Presonus Faderport 8 control surface will allegedly work best as a "Mackie MCU pro" control surface in Logic X.  But "Mackie MCU pro" doesn't come up in the list of control surface options.

Q1. Is it possible to update my control surface options in Logic X 10.1?

Q2. In the event that I'll need to get a more recent Logic update, is Logic X 10.2 compatible with OSX 10.10.5?

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answered Jan 17, 2018 by maxstratmann (42,090 points)
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The FaderPort 8 needs to be setup as a Mackie MCU Control device as stated in the Owner's Manual:

"Once you have connected your FaderPort 8 to your computer, launch Logic to set up the FaderPort 8 as a Mackie Control Universal device: 

1. Go to Logic Pro | Preferences | Control Surfaces | Setup... 

2. In the Setup window, go to New | Install... 

3. Select “Mackie Control” from the list of control surfaces and click “Add”. Close the device list window. 

4. In the configuration menu to the left, set the Out Port to “FaderPort 8” and the Input to “FaderPort 8.” 

5. Close the Control Surface setup window. Your FaderPort 8 is now ready to use. Enjoy!"