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Marker List in Inspector Window That is Also Detachable

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asked Dec 11, 2018 in Mixing by mikemcgraw1 (560 points)
When clicking on the Arranger Track a lovely list appears in the Inspector Panel.

Why can't we have the same for the Marker Track?

Workaround seems to be right click on Ruler and there they all are.  Having them in an Inspector pane would be much handier especially for large projects with a vast amount of markers.  This may also give us an opportunity to colour code them for easier visual sorting.

Oh... almost forgot... Please make detachable so we could put on on separate monitor

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answered Aug 4, 2019 by edramsey (2,140 points)
Hi. I agree with this request. My first introduction to Presonus was running live sound with a StuidoLive mixer using Capture. I created markers during the live sets and then used those to go back and split the tracks. Worked great. Fast forward to today, I have some noise in tracks I am going to work on in RX 7. Having a "Capture"-like list of markers with start times, etc. would be very helpful in getting RX lined up with the problem areas for remediation. (It would be amazing to embed the markers in the tracks (broadcast wave?) so RX would see them also, but I digress). What I have to do now is expand the timeline to get the rough locations and make a note; then move RX to that spot, etc. Anyway; great products that I enjoy using. Keep up the good work! (Poster/Admin - can this be added to the feature request list?)