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A Scalable, Detachable "Overview/clip" window/track Like a clip editor but with more robust features

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asked Jan 1, 2021 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by nolanivanovskis (180 points)

So I know the idea is floating around for a while, but I guarentee Ive had the idea long enough and put some real brain matter into the benefits of such a window, and with the success of the arranger, chord , and now tempo and marker, why not have a track that is soley based for idea creation, I tried to do this in the Sample Batch Editor but had to keep flipping between, and I like the scratch pad for quick idea variations but find myself losing track of the scratch pads and there is no true "reference except when you play the arranger and scratch pad back together and this throws my head off, I would almost even be happy if the scratch pad had a "master" function as a track overview/arranger with "only the events and no envelopes and fx channels etc," and for God sakes, why is the scratch pad not detachable?????

 I have wanted a clip based system in studio one FOREVER, Ableton just didnt keep up with modern workflows and is stiull so rigid in its interface, Bitwig is fun, but still feels way to loose at some of the screws....and than evil Apple put out their version of clip based workflow in Logic and I will have to admit I drooled, you guys kinda did that but the Song page IMO sucks ***.. Im a DJ and there is no turntable/timecode interface.. I mean you guys do realize thqat the majority of people go to clubs with music played on CDJs and not instruments right? I love live music, but the lack of a "club" or DJ interface I think  as well has been a massive hole in the Glorious work that Studio One has become. I am in no way complaining, but I am fluent in 3 other DAWs, and have been performing and producing 10+ years with a huge focus always being on the future and how to make my job not only easier, but more enjoyable..... PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE LETS GET THIS IDEA GOIN!!! VOTE VOTE VOTE

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