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One Click Tuner for input

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asked Dec 31, 2018 in Recording by joeobuchowski (150 points)
Hi there,

Coming from Mixcraft, I've found that tuning when recording is quite a task in studio one. Made more frustrating that I have to be monitoring my input for it to work.

Mixcraft: click arm track to record with whatever input you have selected > click tuner button (you don't need to be monitoring the input either which is great if you have latency issues)

Studio one: click to arm track with input selected > go onto faders section > add insert, look for or type tuner to add on to the fader > open that tuner up every time you need to re tune. (then do the whole process again for every track you need a tuner on)

This would be so great to have as Im sure many people would like to be able to just hit record and hit a tuner button on the track list in the way Mixcraft does this.


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