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How do you check which firmware version my Presonus 16.4.2 has installed?

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asked Dec 23, 2015 in Ai Mixers by frankchristian (140 points)
I'm using a MacBook Pro, OS Yosemite 10.10.5.  It is connected to my wireless router along and my iPad mini.  Instructions for installing UC Surface 1.4 says to check the mixer's firmware version before installing to avoid compatibility issues.  Thank-you



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answered Dec 24, 2015 by AlexTinsley (916,520 points)
Just below the LCD is the value encoder knob and below that push the "System" button. Once in the System menu, you will notice it says Page 1. On the left side of the LCD are the up and down buttons, push the down button until you get to Page 9 (or the last page) which is the System version page. The firmware version is displayed there.