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Drag and drop extraction to arranger track

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asked Jan 24, 2019 in Editing by snb1 (980 points)
edited Jan 24, 2019 by snb1
The same way we are able to drag and drop to the chord track to extract chords, what if we had the ability to automatically extract arrangements, something like ozone 8. I think this would be easy to implement inside Studio One let along beneficial.

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answered Mar 18, 2019 by robertgray3 (42,450 points)
Something like Ozone 8? Can you show an example of what Ozone 8 does with this so other people and developers can see what you’re referring to?
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answered Apr 11, 2020 by snb1 (980 points)
edited Apr 11, 2020 by snb1

Nevermind on this feature, I created a macro that does something very similar to what I was looking for. This allows me to quickly jump between different sections of a song and get a grasp on how the song was arranged and structured very quickly. Check out the gif here