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FX Folders - continuation of "FX View in track view + numeric looping + BPM Calculation from loop length + double...

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asked Jan 24, 2019 in Editing by mciv (1,000 points)
Somehow I can't add more comments to what I wrote before :

So continuing - I am sorry for my rant in that thread, I was playing with 3.2 and "disable" feature (that is protools freeze) wasn't there, it was introduced in 3.5. Still no chance to play with S1 4.1.1 as nvidia plugin scanner thing isn't fixed despite what they say. 3.5 stores fx on/off state in fx chains but doesn't store sends in fx chains. And renamed plugins aren't renamed after import. I think it would be nice to have folders inside fx inserts (switchable on/off) so for instance you could grab all reverbs in one place etc, also sometimes certain effects tend to generate too harsh high frequencies so you need to fix it with eq, so such folder could contain all effects needed to create certain "effect" if you know what I mean - this leads to allowing importing sub fx chains into fx chain so to speak. Such fx folders should be possible to drag&drop into other tracks (also it would be nice to be able to select multiple inserts and drag them all into different track). Also a kind of "wav&mp3 macro export mixdown" would be cool - I always export wav 24bit and mp3 320 kbps using current song filename for both (I save incrementally) - it would be handy to do it all with one click. Also I don't know why it always wants to export wav 16bit while all my songs are 24bit, shouldn't it want to export in used resolution?

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