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Project Mode - Tracks Selection for export

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asked Feb 7, 2019 in Mastering by elliottsebag (7,440 points)

Greetings everyone,

What ? 

Regarding the tracks selection when exporting in project mode, would it be possible to add either : 

- an option to select/unselect multiple tracks more quicker (like with the track list to show/hide in the song mode maybe ?)

- or a "select all" button to select/unselect all.

Why ? 
TIme optimisation, for example i've been working on an album for a client. 
He asked for one track to be revised, wehn i have to export just this one track but i multiple format i've to uncheck one by one all the tracks each time.

Or maybe i missed something ? if so any lead will be welcome and sorry for the waste of time. 

Kind regards, 

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