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Show only tracks with items within time selection [Completed 5.1]

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asked May 22, 2019 in Completed Feature Requests by carstenaltena (640 points)
recategorized Jan 18 by Lukas Ruschitzka

It would be great if there's a macro that does the following:

  1. I make a time selection
  2. I execute the macro "Show only tracks with items within time selection"
  3. Studio One hides all the tracks that don't contain items within that time selection

Of course, there should be another macro to undo this: "Show all tracks".

This is handy when working with extremely large templates with hundreds of tracks, which is often the case with film composers. I can imagine it's nice for audio mixers as well, when working with big projects. DAWs like Cubase and Reaper have a feature like this.

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answered Jan 18 by Lukas Ruschitzka (255,810 points)
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It had been added in Studio One 5.1!