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Can you rack mount a Quantum 2

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asked Mar 11, 2019 in Thunderbolt - Quantum by matador95 (300 points)
I have a small half rack case... was wondering if it's possible to rack mount a quantum 2

I guess you could use a shelf and try to 'glue' the unit in place.

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answered Jan 13, 2021 by brunodzogovic (330 points)

 I see nobody has answered this question for more than a year so I decided to weigh in with my experience on this topic.

In general, the Quantum 2 comes as a compact home studio or portable Thunderbolt 2 interface. It is not meant to mount in a rack stack like the Quantum 1 or the one I have Quantum 2626 that is Thunderbolt 3. These are produced to be as such unlike the Quantum 2. However, there are hacks you can apply in order to make this work. As a computer scientist, I work a lot in datacenters and there's bunch of equipment (proprietary or not), which is mounted in racks and adapted thus. These adapters come in various sizes and forms so you can plug the smallest of devices into the rack for efficient cooling. One such example in the audio/video world is this adapter for the Linear 2626 video generator.

You see what I'm aiming for I guess. Now, the problem is that you will not be able to find something that fits the Quantum 2 outside the box and you will have to DIY your solution in a frankenstein manner. Namely, you can build it yourself and make the holes underneath where you will tighten the screws of your existinq quantum 2 device together with the adapter. It's quite simple to do actually, you just need some tooling and/or help from someone if you need. Hope this helps! Chers!