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Are you using a stage box or Rack mixer with the console in this setup

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asked Nov 8, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by Tregon (1,330 points)
Hi, I am also trying to get Waves Multirack to work along side my Series 3.  My setup is, 32R - SWB - S3-16 Console.  32R is set to standalone with 32R inputs routed to S3-16 over AVB and S3-16 Flexmixes routed to 32R over AVB.  Will this scenario work with Waves Multirack?

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answered Mar 2, 2020 by bartonpopenoe (440 points)

I'm currently using a StudioLive Series III 16R as a rack mixer, controlled by iPad. I've configured my setup to use both USB and AVB, connected to a Mac Mini. I previously had a StudioLive RM16AI rack mixer configured the same way but took advantage of the trade-in program.

The tricky part when initially setting up a MultiRack setup is making sure you have the correct routing in order to get sound through your channel.

  1. Plug your mic/intrument into your channel inputs
  2. Set your Presonus mixer channels to use USB routing.
  3. Set the mixer channels Send Source to Analog.
  4. In MultiRack, choose your StudioLive mixer as the interface device.
  5. In MultiRack, set the selected rack inputs and outputs to match the USB paths used by your Presonus mixer channels.

That should do it.