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Sample One XT Velocity Layers

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asked Mar 13, 2019 in Studio One by davidbarr (160 points)
I have a Roland SPD one pad that I want to use as a midi trigger in Sample One XT.  Is there a way to layer samples and have them triggered by the velocity of the midi pad?  I know that functionality exists within Impact but I can’t tell if it exists in Sample One.

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answered Apr 23, 2019 by lisarowe (3,820 points)
I was hoping to find out how to do that here on the website but no luck.

I have sound samples with quiet and louder versions from an outside source that I would like to use to create an instrument (like exe24 in Reaper I think?).


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answered Apr 12, 2020 by davidicusschacher (350 points)
edited Apr 12, 2020 by davidicusschacher
To use velocity layers, I suspect we have to use the Impact XT (supports velocity) for some reason (?)
And near as I can tell, Impact XT doesn't support release envelopes, so neither sampler supports very sophisticated instruments :/
I assume they use the same engine, so it must just be an interface choice.