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How to import .mxl files ? My Notion is crashing everytime i try to get something from Musescore

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asked Apr 11, 2019 in Notion by carbonealpha (160 points)
edited Apr 11, 2019 by carbonealpha

Windows 10 64 bits user here (latest version).

I try to import a .mxl file from MuseScore but Notion is crashing everytime i do this. I tried renaming the file as *.xml and *.zip and so on. Also tried with another file... same result. BTW. when the file is exported from MS to .musicxml it doesn't work either...

Is it intended behaviour?

Thank you.

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answered May 29, 2019 by christinebush (390 points)

I have this burning question as well. What's the status on this issue??