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Music XML error to Guitar Pro 7

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asked Jul 21, 2017 in Notion by sunlove (3,930 points)
1. I export my song from Notion 6 to Guitar Pro 7 in Music XML format. (it's instantaneous and worries me; exporting to MIDI at least shows me that it's reading the file to complete export)

2. I import the song in Guitar Pro 7 as a Music XML format.

3.  All the measures of each track only contains rests,

Conclusion: fail.

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answered Jul 24, 2017 by TechSupport77 (195,380 points)
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Thanks for all of your patience.  This issue has been logged internally with the PreSonus development team in hopes that it might be addressed in a future build.  You will want to report this issue to GP as well, considering that the issue could possibly be on their end.