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Dithering: Checkbox on export, Advanced options & Plugin

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asked Apr 18, 2019 in Mastering by fschmidt (2,530 points)
edited Apr 22, 2019 by fschmidt

That S1 optionally dithers automaticly when needed is cool - who likes the topic dithering anyway.

However, dithering is an essential element of mastering that should not necessarily be hidden from the process.
If mastering is an exclusive feature in S1 it might need a little more attention.

  • I would prefere to have the dithering-option as a checkbox on export.
    It could appear greyed out as long as no lower bit depth is selected.
  • At least some advanced dithering options would be great
    - for those who want to dig into it in more detail.

  • Last but not least: If you provided your dithering algorithm as a native plugin as well
    this would be awesome since some people have their own concept of when to use it and when not.

Who would still buy Ozone or Cubase if everything was all in one complete package ‚Äč
called Studio OneLove this Program...

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