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Thanks , but I"m talking about the random lines above and below the data.

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asked Apr 20 in Studio One 4 by davidarch (310 points)

 They appear regardless of my midi setup, its like part of the track,  but once again, different number of lines/spacing, doesn't seem to be any pattern. Heres another pix.

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answered Apr 21 by robertgray3 (25,570 points)
Looks like part automation. If you open up the Musical Editor on those Instrument Parts and go to the bottom tabs do any of them have any automation at similar levels to what is displayed on the Part in the Arrange window?
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answered Apr 21 by davidarch (310 points)
Thank you RobertGray3, you got it right. And thank you for educating me re this function in S1, very much appreciate your answer and time.
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answered May 4 by pmc_2007 (170 points)

This is what my screen looks like. There are 4 horizontal lines on each of my midi tracks and I don't know how to get rid of them. Please, any help would be much appreciated.