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Studio One 4 Artist Error Loading an M-Audio Code 61 Midi Controller

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asked Jun 2, 2020 in Studio One 4 by billengebretson (120 points)
Have a new M-Audio Code 61 MIDI controller installed on a Windows 10 i7 64-bit laptop. Windows installed the driver with no errors, and any of the M-Audio installs went without a hitch. The controller template is not one that is included in the Studio One 4 Artist drop-down in the MIDI setup area. But M-Audio's instructions (which I followed) have you mapping it manually anyway. I've done this with no errors and Studio One accepts the parameters/device. I've even mapped the Code 61 controls/buttons successfully to Studio One using the Mackie protocol as directed. The buttons work, etc and there are no issues. However, every time I start Studio One, it errors when attempting to start/load the Code 61 controller. It says - "Failed to open Code 61". Studio One does not halt, but rather finishes loading and functions fine. I can play the included Presonus virtual instruments in Studio One using the controller. Sometimes it doesn't work, but I've noticed I need to go into the MIDI setup for the controller in Studio One and reassign it a channel - like A, B, or whatever. Then it will work. But there are times where it doesn't drop the A-channel and yet is still errors. It always errors. I don't recall what update I'm on with Studio One 4, but it it's pretty up-to-date, Any ideas why Studio One can never seem to load the Code 61 controller?

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