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Feature Request: Real Time Quantize

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asked Apr 21, 2019 in Editing by henjay (2,190 points)

In Studio One it's hard to be able to do strumming guitar with the quantize feature, because we always have to hit the "Apply" button all the time sad. I wish PreSonus would update the Quantize bar and make it in Real Time so when we adjust the timing we can see the Audio & MIDI move in real time (similar to FL Studio in this video) smiley...

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answered Feb 8 by robertgray3 (37,630 points)
Incredible feature, should be put In here
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answered Apr 14 by colinmartin (250 points)
There are two features Im not sure you know about. The input quantize button and the Automatic quantize button both next to the quantize menu dropdown in the main and project windows respectively. The input quantize button will quantize all incoming midi to the values you set in the quantize menu. The Automatic quantize will let you highlight midi after the fact and adjust the quantization settings in real time. So I think both these features are covered.