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Add option to quantize playhead jumps as in Ableton Live

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asked Sep 10 in Hardware Integration / Remote Control by marcora (1,210 points)
Please add an option to quantize playhead jumps as in Ableton Live (see global quantize).

For example, when clicking on the time ruler, now the playhead starts immediately from the clicked position. Same when jumping to a marker, etc. It would be great if instead of starting right away, the playhead would start in sync with the tempo of the song and wait for example until the end of the currently playing bar before starting. The amount of quantization (bar, measure, beat, 1/4, end of currently playing arranger section, etc) should be defined by the user.

This would, for example, become handy when performing live and wanting to jump to different arranger sections to generate a song on the fly. This could be achievable if given an option (for example clicking on the section on the arranger track, or with a keyboard shortcut similar to what's possible now with markers, or using Atom or another midi controller with pads/buttons) to jump to the start of an arranger section and have a global quantize option to wait until the end of currently playing section.

Just my $.02


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