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How do I reamp with Studio One 4 and Studio Live Series 3 24.4.2

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asked Apr 30, 2019 in AR Hybrid USB Mixers by davebellimer (120 points)
So...I am trying to setup my Little Labs DI/Reamp box with my Studio Live Series 3 mixer. I am using Studio One 4 Pro. I have setup a reamp channel (5) sub. My clean DI signal hits the Reamp channel and I am seeing it throwing out signal. However, my amp is getting nothing. I am dead in the water. I have no clue what is up and how to get signal to my Reamp box. Has anyone actually been able to do this with this board. I have never seen anyone pull this off. Any help would be welcome. I may have to go back to using my Focusrite 18i20 which worked beautiful.

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answered Jun 5, 2019 by benpierce (99,440 points)
The 24.4.2 is not a series 3 board. Can you be more specific about which model console you are referring to?