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How do I use an Alesis Nanoverb with my Persons studio live 24.4.2?

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asked Feb 2, 2019 in Classic Mixers by lexipowers (120 points)
Im trying to connect an Alesis Nanoverb into my school Presonus Studiolive 24.4.2 board and I'm having trouble. My director wants to use it for mic FX, any ideas?

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answered Jan 6, 2020 by andrewcoe (140 points)

To begin, connect the Aux 3 output to the input your external effects processor and the outputs of your processor to Aux In A of your StudioLive.

Turn the Output knob in the Aux 3 section to 12 o’clock.

Press the Aux In A Select button. In the Fat Channel, assign Aux In A to the main outputs.

Press the Mix button for Aux 3. The Fat Channel meters will display each input channel’s send level to Aux 3. The encoders below each meter control the channel’s level in Aux 3’s mix. You will use these encoders to set the send levels for each channel to the effects processor, the same way you used them to create a monitor mix, only in this case you will decide which channels will be sent to the external processor and how much will be sent. Just like creating an internal FX mix, the higher a channel’s level is in the FX mix, the more processed (“wetter”) it will sound.

Once you have determined your effects mix, you can press the Select button for Aux 3 to add dynamics processing and EQ to the aux mix before it is sent to the external effects processor.

The effects processor’s output is patched to Aux Input A, so you can use the Select button for Aux Input A to add Fat Channel dynamics processing and EQ to the reverb-enhanced signal.

The Level knob for Aux Input A controls the level of the aux mix relative to the level of your main mix.