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Can I record multitrack with presonus StudioLive 16 series III in any software or only in studio one?

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asked May 4, 2019 in StudioLive Series III by andrtomaz (210 points)
I've worked with ableton live for almost 10 years and I wonder if I can record multitrack on it using the StudioLive 16 series III.
I want to use studio one, but I'm more familiar with ableton live, so for now I would like to be able to continue recording with the software that I already know well.

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answered May 6, 2019 by benpierce (99,360 points)
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Series III will work with pretty much any DAW for recording and playback.
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answered May 7, 2019 by michaelkhaleel (940 points)

It seems you want to use StudioLive 3 in LIVE mode and maybe this can help get it started.

When you first power on StudioLive 3, it boots up into LIVE mode and works like a standard analog desk, or live mixer.

If you then assign SL3 as the interface in Ableton - track #1 output, can be routed to SL3 Channel 1, track #2 to channel 2 and so on - same for recording as playback.

One benefit of using LIVE mode, is that you have use of GATE/EQ/COMP/LIMIT (*Fat Channel) on SL3, for every DAW track, routed to SL3 channels - just like a well equipped audio recording console. (*Later, check out Pre DSP and Post Fader effect.)

To set the stereo playback channels for Ableton:
- select Edit Tape button (next to SL3 display)
- select USB (on screen)
- notice the Digital Patching channels (37+38 on my SL3)
- set those channels you see as main stereo output in Ableton - audio interface playback settings

To get control of Monitor and Headphone knobs:
- select EDIT button at Monitor section on SL3
- make sure that MAIN is selected for both Phones and Monitor (at display screen)
- use knobs to adjust volume levels

Connect Main Output cables to your speakers, connect your headphone and you're ready to work.

DAW mode is quite different, because SL3 runs a 'software type layer' that changes the operation from audio mixer, to software controller.

Selecting the DAW button (below SL3 display screen), integrates SL3 as a controller, very well with StudioOne.  It's not audio - it's all programming just to control the DAW itself. The audio still passes to and from your DAW, but the controls are then programmed to operate the DAW, not SL3 audio, or SL3 effects.

To set up SL3 for StudioOne:
- launch StudioOne
- select UCNET button (next to DAW button on SL3 console)
- select Software Control (on display screen)
- then select StudioOne.

DAW mode also has limited support for HUI and Mackie modes, but control varies from DAW to DAW.

Presonus has done a remarkable job simplifying the many great features of StudioLive 3, but it really takes time to learn the console.  So don't be discouraged if everything doesn't seem obvious at first - it isn't - you could probably spend a semester, or two just learning the thing.

I recently bought one after viewing some of Joe Guilder's videos and honestly, having somebody show you around helps.

So check him out, as well as others on YouTube, read the manual, keep asking questions and don't be shy about submitting one to technical support - that's what they are there for and they want to help.

Working with the SL3 can eventually become second nature and who knows, maybe even fun.