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increase capacity of SD cards or have option to change recording quality on SL Series 3

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asked Jan 28 in StudioLive Series III by luzerhass (390 points)


As of now the highest capacity of SD cards to be able to record tracks in SL series 3 is 32 GB, but this only give you the option of 1-2 hours of recording

There must be an increase in the size of SD cards to be able to use SDXC feature so i can use a 128 GB & get more hours out of the recording

2nd option is to be able to adjust the quality of the recording so i can record on MP3 format etc.  to save a lot space to the SD card


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answered Jan 29 by jonnydoyle (220,340 points)
The largest size that you can use is 32GB. The reason we don't support higher than 32GB is that there is a $100k/year license fee that we would have to pay and pass along to our customers to support the larger cards. There's no license fee for 32GB or smaller. You will get a little more than 90 minutes of recording time if you are recording all 34 channels (32+stereo) after a fresh format of the card. You will get more recording time if you have less channels to record. I'd recommend getting a few cards so that you can just pop in a new one for each set of a show that you need to record.