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UC has no drivers for the 1824c interface. What should I do?

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asked May 20, 2019 in Recording Interface Series Feature Requests by antoniozemuner (190 points)
The device manager says the driver is installed correctly, but it won't show as an option when opening Cubase, PT or S1.

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answered May 20, 2019 by jonnylipsham (14,880 points)
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UC IS the driver for all PreSonus devices, including the 1824c. Make sure it is fully up-to-date.

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answered May 20, 2019 by antoniozemuner (190 points)
I got it working, finally! The problem was that I was looking for "1824c" in the list of available drivers. I tried Studio USB initially but that pop up with the message "The audio device Studio USB has failed to start correctly..." made me confused. Everything is OK now. Thank you very much.