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Faderport 16 in cubase 10.5 has stopped seeing channels 1-8 no matter what i do the first fader starts at channel 9

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asked Jan 16, 2021 in FaderPort 16 by greglove1 (120 points)
will only see channel 9 and up

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answered Oct 21, 2023 by mohamadhejazi (140 points)
Same here. I am Cubase Pro 11 user.  In my case, first fader starts at channel 8.  I have been searching the internet for a solution since more than a week, with no solution.  Anyone can help, i.e. Presonous support team?  If this issue is not solved, I am going to switch to another brand controller and consider my investment in Presonous Faderport 16 as a losing investment.