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Allow Merging Range Selections of Instrument Parts/Patterns or Audio Events/Parts

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asked Jun 8, 2019 in Editing by robertgray3 (38,690 points)
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It would be great if the Merge command ("G" shortcut key by default) would apply to Range Selections of Instrument Parts, Patterns, Audio Events, or Audio Parts, similar to the way that Mute Events does. Something like the following workflow

1. make a range selection of a portion of two overlapping Instrument Parts

2. Merge

3. If snap to grid is enabled, snap to grid is temporary disabled

4. events/parts are split if needed from the bounds of the range selection, then what's within is selected and merged

5. Snap to grid is returned to the original setting

The reasoning behind steps #3 and #5 is so as to not create more overlapping events due to the Merge functions "rounding up" behavior when snap to grid is enabled.

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answered Jun 8, 2019 by robertgray3 (38,690 points)
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I think a lot of users would appreciate little usability tweaks like this even if it's low priority and takes a while (lord knows there's higher priority stuff to work on). In the meantime, this can be accomplished with a macro called "Split Range and Merge"

Pretty useful if you can spare a key combination for it


Name "Split Range and Merge"

Edit | Split Range

Edit | Merge Events (Snap: "0")