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Is there a way to use the Surface Software both wired (via Firewire) and wireless (router) at the same time?

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asked Jun 17, 2019 in Ai Mixers by robertromano (360 points)
Using a Studio Live 24AI Mixer. I have a laptop connected via Firewire to take advantage of the Spectrographic tools and to use Capture.  

While using these features is it possible to have a WiFi connection at the same time to use Q-Mix for monitoring and possible a tablet to adjust sound from different locations in the venue?  (Or is this an "either / or" situation where I can use the Spectro and Capture while wired but would have to shift to Wi-Fi for remote adjustment and Q-Mix control of the Auxes?)

Really finding the spectrographic and RTA functions to be extremely useful and would hate to have to choose.

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answered Jun 17, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,310 points)
selected Jul 19, 2019 by jonnydoyle
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Yes, that is the idea and the concept. You can use 12 or 14 external devices (tablets, smartphones) at the same time additional to the Firewire connected computer with UC Surface/Smaart and Capture. Just there is no Smaart/RTA on the mobile devices...
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answered Jun 17, 2019 by robertromano (360 points)
Understood...the question is how to go about it?

Laptop is hardwired via Firewire 800 port.  Running the Surface / Capture software.

At this point how do we establish the WiFi connection as well? (I have a router I've run through the ethernet port to access the Surface and Q-Mix software previously.  Or do I use the wifi USB adapter via the on deck USB port?)
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answered Jun 18, 2019 by wahlerstudios (105,310 points)
edited Jun 19, 2019 by wahlerstudios
Just to be clear: We are talking about a StudioLive 24.4.2AI mixer? As far as I remember the USB port on this mixer is used mainly for upgrading firmware. It has no or limited WiFi function. Therefore you need to connect the mixer to the router via "Control" (on the option card). The mixer is then the "sender" of information for all remote devices.

Always let the router boot fully, if you use dynamic IP addresses. Then start the mixer, then the computer. It might be that you see two connections (two mixers) in UC Control on your computer. Usually the Firewire connection gets priority automatically after a few seconds (the WiFi connection disappears). If not, simply click on the Firewire symbol.