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Why is my track that I transformed into audio fading in at the beginning?

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asked Jun 30 in Studio One 4 by kristoferkristensen (220 points)
I have recorded some piano chords with a heavy duty piano plugin. To maintain good computer performance, I transformed the track to audio.

My problem is that the resulting audio track appears to fade in, completely numbing and ruining that first chord.

Anybody have an idea what causes that?

Thanks for any help.


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answered Jul 1 by martinkluck (690 points)
selected Jul 1 by kristoferkristensen
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Such fades can be caused by a lot of things but that's hard to tell without further Information.

What plugins are you using on your Instrument Channel? Some plugins (instruments and FX) do certain background tasks in favour of a light processor load and maybe the render operation in S1 lock the background tasks of your plugin(s) out in some way. Usually you can solve that issue with grabbing the left edge of the MIDI event (in order to size the event, not moving it) and dragging it a bit to the left. So that your MIDI notes stay where they were but the MIDI event starts earlier in time. Without knowing the plugin it is impossible to say if that is caused by S1 or the plugin. In the end both S1 and your plugin are not talking properly to each other.

There is also a chance that this is caused by your audio driver, OS or just a simple user error.
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answered Jul 1 by kristoferkristensen (220 points)
Thanks for your answer, Martin. It turns out that it is related to a third party plugin, in this case Arturia Analog Lab. Every other instrument I tried resulted in a perfectly normal audio file. I will contact Arturia to see if they can shed any light on it. I really like the pianos included in that plugin, so I hope they can help me. Thanks again, Martin. I'm saving what you wrote because it's good knowledge to have.