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Mixer view indicator for transformed (renderd) audio channel

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asked Nov 3, 2020 in Mixing by arthurzatarain (1,600 points)
I make good use of transformed audio channels to reduce CPU load from plugins like Amplitube and other greedy plugins. The ability to un-do the transform is very handy. But I sometimes forget that a track has been rendered and add more FX to fix an issue that would be better served by un-doing the render and making adjustments to the original FX on that channel. In the Mixer view, the transform process blanks out the inserts on the channel which is sort of an indication that it has been rendered. But I'd like to see an overt indication, perhaps in the space formerly used for the inserts, to note that this channel has been transformed and can be converted back to its original form. A simple block of text reading "RENDERED" would be a convenient reminder and hopefully not a major software project.

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answered Nov 3, 2020 by Lukas Ruschitzka (241,950 points)
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answered Nov 11, 2020 by lisarowe (3,820 points)
yes, please please please

another problem that could maybe be addressed at the same time is that when a track is rendered, the channel in the mixer takes the name of the instrument and loses the name it had before.  this has caused no end of confusion  as track and instrument numbers climb.

Although, Arthur, when you are rendering the audio, in the dialog box, you have the option to not render the fx and those plug ins will still be on the channel in the mix window after it becomes an audio channel.

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answered Nov 11, 2020 by arthurzatarain (1,600 points)
Thanks for the response. I am aware that I can disable baking in the FX when rendering, but baking in the FX is the reason I do the render. I want to eliminate CPU intensive plugins (such as Amplitube and fancy EQ/Comp) while retaining the ability to take one step back and make adjustments before rendering again. So I would like for the render to apply the FX and disable them, but I don't want it to apply automation. That lets me create an audio track that's processed by an amp sim but can still be automated during the mix.  Thanks.